Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Working on many locations, in sometimes difficult conditions and using material and equipment, we must make sure that we do not damage ourselves, the people we work with, and the environment in which we operate.

Whatever we do, whatever we create, no matter where: HSE is our top priority. Our HSE framework is built around two elements: Awareness and Compliance.


HSE is not something optional. Being aware of the health and safety of yourself and those around you minimizes risk. HSE is not just about looking after yourself, it is about looking after each other. It is about keeping eyes and ears open, and bearing common responsibility.

In all our projects, we make sure that all the people we work with are made aware of:

  • Potential risks and hazards to health and safety;
  • Risks on environmental damage and how to prevent this;
  • Our common responsibility to reduce these risks and instruments to do this;
  • Regulations that apply (see Compliance below).


In Russia, there are general construction and engineering regulations  in the Civil CodeTown Planning CodeLand Code and other codes of the Russian Federation.

For example:

Federal regulations relating to health and safety and quality of construction (including sanitation, environmental and fire-prevention rules) are set down in Federal law No. 384-FZ dated 30 December 2009 (“On technical regulations for safety of buildings and constructions”) and various codes on the safety of buildings and constructions issued by the government of the Russian Federation and competent Federal authorities. Environmental sustainability is regulated in Federal Law No. 7-FZ On Environmental Protection dated 10 January 2002 and  sanitary well-being in Federal Law No. 52-FZ On the Sanitary-Hygienic Welfare of the Population of the Russian Federation dated 30 March 1999.

In addition, other Federal, Regional and Local rules apply, as well as binding details of our Project Documentation, certificates for machines and material, and conditions in our Self Regulatory Organization’s license.

Compliance is a responsibility of all, so we make sure that everyone is aware of relevant rules, and provide guidance and control through-out our project management.