We provide services in two areas: Engineering and Construction, our main competency.

In Russia, there are specific regulations concerning construction and engineering, which means that preparation and execution of projects is a series of project phases, each with their specific requirements and obligations. A design that is made outside Russia, therefore, needs to be Russified in order to comply to local standards.

Project design and approval
In the P (П) stage of the project preparation, detailed documents (РД) are a required by local authorities. We can adapt any design to meet these local, regulatory standards, ensuring that the project will get a green light. ItaTech works with its partner STI. which carries out all engineering and is a fully licensed company which a Western approach and extensive experience with Russian regulations.

Project execution
In Russia, licenses are governed by Self Regulating Organization (SRO) and within the SRO, you need to apply for work specific authorization. ItaTech holds a very comprehensive license which allows it to work in almost every field including General Manufacturing, Oil&Gas, Chemical, Metallurgical, Etc…